Frequently asked questions

Terms and Conditions can be downloaded via the following link:


Terms & Conditions

We are available to answer your questions any time. Please send an email to hello@izipart.com

IZIPART is for companies looking to purchase or sell engineering spare parts used in Industrial Manufacturing processes of various sectors (Pharmaceutical, Food & Beverage, Packaging, Tobacco and others)

You can raise a buying request via the link on the homepage, which will be visible to IZIPART global members and IZIPART admin of whom will help to source the part asap.


Open buying requests can be viewed on your company dashboard under “Enquiries” and also on the homepage.  You must log in to view the full details.

When you have decided that the part fulfills your needs, you may select ‘order’ and complete the information requested.  Your order request will be sent to the seller of whom will confirm your request and their ability to fulfill the order.


Once your order is confirmed, the Supplier will be notified to attach a Purchase Order via IZIPART platform.  This will be immediately received by the buyer and once approved the Invoice will be sent.  Payment terms will be communicated from the supplier to the buyer in the PO and agreed before proceeding.

The part will be sent from the seller to the buyer directly.  The buyer will provide delivery address information to the seller.  The logistics information and subsequent price will be discussed directly between the seller and buyer to decide on the best arrangement in line with the requirements of the importing country.


If required, IZIPART can assist in the logistics arrangement process by recommending collaboration with suitable logistics providers.  You may send us a message via hello@izipart.com at any time.

All Suppliers are screened and verified by IZIPART before becoming a member.  It is mandatory that all members agree to and sign the IZIPART terms and conditions detailing responsibilities of all parties.


In addition, IZIPART promotes the use of the enquiry direct messaging functionality, whereby buyers and sellers connect directly and discuss in detail all aspects which pertain to concluding suitability and quality of the part in question.  You may exchange additional photos and documents to further clarify details which will lead to a confident purchase.  Only after the buyer is satisfied, and the seller has confirmed his ability to supply, shall a purchase order be sent to the buyer for processing.

Return of purchased parts is  handled directly between the buyer and seller. We advise discussion of the return policy before purchase such that all parties are aligned.  

Buyers may sign up by clicking the following link or by visiting the ‘Sign Up’ tab at the top right of the homepage.:


Join as Buyer


A verification email will be sent to your email and a request to verify your account before your buyer membership is processed.

Suppliers may sign up by clicking the following link or by visiting the ‘Sign Up’ tab at the top right of the homepage. :


Join as Supplier


A verification email will be sent to your email and a request to verify your account before your supplier membership is processed.


You will be asked to attach a copy of your Business/ Trade License to comply with the IZI verification system, ensuring only legitimate suppliers may operate over IZIPART.

This can be managed under the Inventory tab on the Company Dashboard.


You may upload your parts data in bulk using CSV format using the provided IZIPART template.


The bulk upload guide can also be found in the footer section under ‘SELL PARTS’


You may upload your parts one by one for additional / new parts after initial bulk upload.  Simply select individual part and complete the required fields.


You may also add a new part directly on your full inventory list on the Company Dashboard.


Please note:- You do not have to list all of the inventory parts you upload for sale on the market place- you can select the status of each part via your Company Dashboard, Inventory tab (Sell / Hide).