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QA equipment

Draw resistance meter and circumference/diameter gauge

Protos 1-8

Kindly refer to this video for my requirement — https://youtu.be/CBnIBLsg4v8

Please provide detailed technical information, quotation and lead time if you are able to supply

Garniture Tape Machine Set

Please provide thorough details of the machine/s you can supply, quotation and lead time to Andhra Pradesh, India.

Brabender Thermometer

Please see attached photos and send in your quotation with lead time

THRESHER BASKET (for Stem content of Lamina Strips)


Hole size: 19mm diameter punched holes,
Basket Size: (480 x 264 x 3) mm,
Outside Radius: 154 mm

Please see attached picture

Looking for a Hauni Tobacco Cutter KT model or equivalent

If you’re able to supply, please respond with details.

Molins MK8 Spare Parts

22 MAX 22 A Knives – 1000 pieces
014 34 C Knives – 1000 pieces
Grinding discs 016 20 F – 50 pieces

GD spare parts

Please check and provide quotation for below mentioned items:

Valve 14001090 (TAV-08.21.AB42.10.01) —— 4 pcs
Spring 4001032028 ——- 3pcs
Roller 0V2039 ——– 2pcs
2542760040 ————-2pcs
For X2:
Support 2PBSH47 ————–1pcs
Helical Folder 2PQQE5 ——–1pcs
For CV:
Leaf Spring 2CVBPA11 ——1pcs
Leaf Spring 2CVBRA11 ——1pcs

Decoufle DX, FX, UNIFLOW2 Parts

Urgent need for these parts to Dubai, UAE. Different quantities needed. Please send a message and let me know what you can supply. 

Cigarette Tray

Outer dimension (mm): 110*415*665
Inner dimension (mm): 102*400*643

Quantity: 50 pieces

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